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Ready. Set. LINDDUN GO!

We are pleased to announce LINDDUN GO, a toolkit that gives you a quick start to privacy threat modeling.

Similar to LINDDUN, it provides support to systematically elicit privacy threats in software architectures. LINDDUN GO is however a more light-weight privacy engineering approach with a simplified method, reduced threat scope and optimized privacy knowledge documentation.

As LINDDUN GO was triggered by industry demand, your feedback matters to us!

Did you like it? Do you have any suggestions for improvements?

Please fill in the short questionnaire or contact us directly.

We will take all comments into account as we further evolve our LINDDUN portfolio.

You can find all information on the LINDDUN GO page.

LINDDUN GO: a light-weight approach to privacy threat modeling

LINDDUN GO cards for privacy threat modeling
LINDDUN GO card deck

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